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Are you enthusiastic, determined and hungry for successWe are always looking for driven individuals to join our internship programme to train up as Digital Marketing Executives. This includes developing, implementing, content creating and tracking all of our online marketing efforts.  

The ideal intern will be a creative and driven individual, with a desire to learn and to develop new skills. They must have an interest in design, branding, and online media channels, with basic understanding of social media 

The internship responsibilities include learning and developing digital marketing skills, participating in online classes and one-to-one sessions. They will work closely with the marketing executives and will work in delivering content to current customers and clients.  

To be a successful candidate, you must have great time management skills and be willing to fit into the existing staff structure. You should be well-organised, flexible and willing to assist wherever possible. You must also be comfortable and disciplined in working from home. Outstanding interns are those who respond well to criticism, are great team players and build good relationship with colleagues and clients.  

What your internship would look like… 

  • Attending all online and in person classes, as well as the one-to-one sessions and participating in as many learning opportunities as possible. 
  • Assisting within the Biz Engine organisation but also learning about the clients and their companies/industries. 
  • Completing all projects and other required tasks. 
  • Working from home and traveling to other sites when required. 
  • Positively receiving feedback. 
  • Attending meetings and offering suggestions. 
  • Building professional relationships with colleagues and clients. 

Digital Marketing Responsibilities & Learns 

  • Strategising and building an effective online presence for clients. Including liaising with clients and creating content calendars and monthly campaigns. 
  • Content creation for digital marketing, including graphics and post captions 
  • Prepare and monitor social media campaigns. 
  • Prepare and monitor email campaigns. 
  • Provide creative ideas for content marketing. 
  • Measure post and campaign performance on social media.  
  • Acquire insight in online marketing trends and industry updates. 
  • Maintain partnerships with clients. 


  • Must have good grammar and writing skills. 
  • Good knowledge of social media. 
  • Confident in working in teams. 
  • Willing to learn and take direction. 
  • Must have a creative eye. 
  • Strong laptop and technology skills (Microsoft word, online tools etc). 
  • Confident in communicating with others 


  • Driving License 
  • Experience with working with Social Media and online marketing

Experience is everything in today’s climate and we hope that by joining us you can be equipped to enter the world of digital marketing with force.

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